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Take control of your financial and health care future

Obtaining affordable health care coverage is one of the top concerns for most people today.  An unexpected illness or injury can cost you thousands of dollars that can severely impact your financial resources.  That's why New Era offers a variety of solutions to help protect you from the financial burden of these unexpected medical expenses. 


What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

New Era provides a variety of Health Insurance options to help protect your financial resources

  • Health Saver Plus Series In today's market where health insurance is often unavailable or unaffordable, The Health Saver Plus Series can help provide families with peace of mind by providing health insurance benefits they can afford. Since all the benefits are defined in the plan it allows the consumer to know exactly what the policy pays prior to service.
  • Critical Illness To help offset the high expenses associated with a serious illness, Critical Illness Insurance provides an immediate lump-sum cash benefit of up to $50,000 upon diagnosis of a covered illness. Benefits are paid for Internal Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, End Stage Renal Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Coronary Artery Bypass and Angioplasty.
  • 24 Hour Accident Expense Plan An accident can wreak havoc on your savings if you're not prepared. Accident expense insurance helps cover medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt unexpectedly. Benefits are also paid for Accidental Death, Ground or Air Ambulance, Daily Hospital Income and Dismemberment. An Optional Accident Disability Benefit Rider is available up to $2,000 per month.

 How Do I get Health Insurance?

It is important to understand what each plan covers so that it meets your individual needs.  To learn more about which health plan is right for you call 1.800.552.7879 or email  (This is not a secure email unless secured from the sender's email service. Do not include sensitive information in your email to us) healthinsurance@neweralife.com .


 These products are underwritten by New Era Life Insurance Company, Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company and New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest

The product details and availability may vary by state